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News Prisons v2.5 Update

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So. Unfortunately this has to happen a lot sooner that we anticipated or expected to do it but we will have to reset the server. We understand how inconvenient this is and that some of you may decide to leave or not want to play with us again after all the recent issues. We have discussed this with the staff team and some of the players on the server with a couple days of playtime and P8+ and have decided that due to the bungeecord server issues that we have been experiencing, re-balancing, and alt restrictions we will be doing a reset.

Some of the issues caused by the bungeecord glitch is that every player is registered under the same IP so we cant limit alts or IP ban which we experienced the other day when we had a player who constantly was logging on to disrespect the players, staff and using a client in PvP which we could not stop. Another issue which most closely affects you is that you cant change your name or it will restart all your progress because instead of switching over the UUID information it creates a completely new player.

Because this is and it being (obviously) none of your guys/gals fault anyone who purchased anything from the shop in the time of V2 being live will receive everything back when we come back from the reset, this includes Crates and Keys and of course Ranks. Along with anyone who won any items from giveaways will receive those back as well. On top of that there will be a 1 time Restart Kit which everyone will be able to claim that will have the following items in it...

- 3 Winter Crates
- 750,000 Tokens
- 8 Halo Keys
- 16 Tier III Keys
- 32 Tier II Keys
- 64 Tier I Keys
- $10 Billion

The reset will be occurring on December 5th and the server will be going live again for the new start of V2 on December 6th. This "new" season will still be classified as V2 or V2.5 if you like with more updates, plugins and giveaways throughout the season.

I sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience that this causes and hope that you can forgive us for the mistakes and issues made in the past couple weeks, and hope that you can give us another chance going into the new year.

As an apology for this reset we will be doing a LOT of giveaways. We will have 4 giveaways running and they are the following...
- 1x Atlas Rank
- 10x Winter Crates
- 2x Picks with Jackhammer
- 2x 1 Month Discord Nitro

Be sure to join our discord to enter these giveaways and once again we are sorry for the inconvenience this has cause anyone.

Not open for further replies.